Chean Chung’s New Book –
Green Political Change

The book is selling at RM20. To make purchase by delivery, kindly bank-in RM25 (RM5 for local delivery charge) to Maybank 112642013672 (Lee Chean Chung), and then email on your transaction details. Any inquiries please contact Mr. Pang (016-9154400).

《绿色政改》每本售价RM20。有意邮购的朋友,可以通过电邮cheanchung@gmail.com订购,并将总数RM25(RM5 为马来西亚半岛邮费)过帐到 Maybank 112642013672 (Lee Chean Chung),之后再电邮通知过帐时间即可。

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